Friday, February 27

Fashion Friday: Maxi Love

Spring is just around the corner and here at HTMH, we can't wait for the warm weather!

But just because there's still a chill in the air doesn't mean you have to stick to your heavy winter wardrobe. A simple maxi-dress in an adorable print (like this one from @shopruche!), can be great for more than just late-summer evenings.

The added length gives added warmth, and when paired with a cardigan its just cozy enough to beat these dreary winter doldrums and kick-start the spring season!

Best wishes to you all,
-Jamie (Instagram: @browneyelovely)

Friday, February 20

Fashion Friday: Too Cool For School

Out in the middle of no where Washington is a little abandoned school house and bus, obviously the perfect place for some pictures.

Local quirk goes beyond landmarks. I found my perfect too cool for school top at Luna Fish, a local boutique. For true one-of-a-kind fashion, be sure to support your local businesses!

Jacket: Gift (similar here & here)
Pants: Walmart
Undershirt: Basic white button up (similar here)
Crop Top: Luna Fish
Shoes: Modcloth

See you next week!

Jamie (Instagram: @browneyelovely)

Friday, February 13

Fashion Friday: Ooo La La

Happy Valentine's!

While in Paris, I luckily had the foresight to do a Valentine’s theme photo shoot in the cutest little apartment. Whether getting ready for a night out or dressing to stay in, I have the undergarments for both! Scroll down for a peek at our sexy little Valentine’s post. All outfits can be found via Victoria Secret.

While going out can be fun, sometimes there's a little more romance right in your own home. Don't forget the details, like hair and makeup.

Light some candles, cook a delicious steak, uncork a red wine, and turn on some romantic music (like the beautiful and haunting music on Vagabond by Ulf Wakenius).

Friday, February 6

Fashion Friday: Red Part III

What's black and white and red all over? It's Jamie in Paris!

While visiting my parents in Europe over the holidays, I had the opportunity to see the Eiffel Tower with my boyfriend, Chris (who is making his official #fashionfriday debut) in the most romantic city of all. Just before Valentine's, I want to bring you RED Look, part 3!

As we have said before, there's no need to look like a snowman when heading out into the snow, and this Steve Madden coat via modcloth just proves the point.

As for you fellas out there, nothing is more classic than the traditional "collar under a sweater" look for these cold winter days. Appropriate for both the office or for date night, it's a great way to dress up the regular 9-5.

Kiss your sweetie, your family, and all those you hold dear, and a happy Valentine's to you all!

Pants: Forever 21
Purse: Coach
Headband/novelty scarf: street vendor in Paris

- Jamie (Instagram: @browneyelovely)

Friday, January 30

Fashion Friday: Burberry

Fashion Friday is back, this time with a classic British feel!

Scarf: Burberry; Trench: H&M; Pants: Basic Denim.

While visiting my parents in England over Christmas, I fell in love with the British fashion powerhouse of Burberry. With its clean lines, traditional style, and timeless appeal, what's not to love?

However, like most of the high-fashion world, those price tags can be a bit pricy for us mere commoners. This can make purchasing large items difficult for anyone without their own manor house and title, especially when confronted with ever-changing styles and waistlines. Fortunately, accessories are a true "one-size fits all" and often come far less expensive.

Utilizing accessories is a great way to introduce "high-fashion" in a way that won't break the bank. Plus, due to the timeless nature of most fashion houses, these becomes acceptable to wear year after year.

Here, I paired a classic Burberry tartan scarf with an H&M trench to achieve the age-old British look for half the price. Now all I needs is a prince to match!

- Jamie (Instagram: @browneyelovely)

Thursday, January 22

Literary Libations: Grapefruit Mimosa

Picture taken by John Knox - Edited by Lauren

Sometimes there isn't anything better than a sparkling drink on winter morning to keep you feeling perky. My ideal Saturday morning is waking up late and curling up with a good mystery or fantasy novel, a croque monsieur, and mimosa. This weekend, why not mix it up? I'm sure by now that you've had a traditional mimosa, but it is equally as tasty (and slightly healthier) to replace the orange juice with grapefruit juice! You can make it the long way and actually squeeze the grapefruit yourself, or you can take a short cut and simply by grapefruit juice from your grocery store. When I make mine I use the 50/50 method and simply add equal amounts of champagne and juice, but you can always use the taste test, starting with a little juice, taste, add a little more, taste, until you're happy.

Currently I'm reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I had heard so many great things about the book that I decided I better give it a chance. I never heard anything specific about the book, but a lot of people gave that vague "I really enjoyed it" answer and they made a movie out of it, so it must be popular. I really like reading books that have movies. After I read the book I always force my husband to watch the movie with me the very same night I finished the book. Then I analyze how well they translated the book into movie and harp on all the important pieces they skipped. I know, I'm just a ball of joy, but the English Writing major in me gets my kicks that way. So SPOILERS are coming. Don't read the next paragraph if you intend to read Gone Girl in the near future.

Essentially Gone Girl is about a married couple having relationship problems. Then one day the wife disappears and that's where we come in. The husband, Nick, comes home on their 5 year anniversary and finds his house in disarray and his wife, Amy, is simply gone. He immediately calls the police, who soon discover that the living room is staged. The coffee table is knocked over, but the books that were on top are on the wrong side of the table. The couch is flipped over, but is too bottom heavy to have been flipped in a struggle. The paintings on the walls are perfectly straight, despite the fact that they fall over with a single stomp. The forensic team finds remnants of Amy's blood in the kitchen, where someone has clearly done a sloppy job mopping it up. It's not looking good for Nick. We read the novel from two points of view, we get Nick's thought process as he is in the present, and we see inside Amy's head via a diary left behind. We often see the same event from both points of view because something or other will trigger Nick's memory and he will think through an old event and then we read about it in Amy's diary. The thing that bothered me was that these two characters seemed to be living in alternate realities. They didn't connect on anything and the actually events were told differently enough that red flags were popping up all over the place. I almost stopped reading because the discrepancy annoyed me so much. Then, half way through, everything clicked into place.

Amy is a psycho path. Half way through diary Amy comes to an end and we meet real, live, in-the-flesh Amy, who has run away and framed her husband for her murder. Nick isn't totally innocent, he has been cheating with a 23 year old woman, but he didn't ever harm or abuse his wife. Amy has been plotting her revenge for an entire year. And Missouri has the death penalty. This is when the novel came to life and I truly began enjoying it. I still haven't finished, but so far I think it was worth it to carry on reading through the first half. The payoff does come, it just takes longer than I'd like.

Have you ever had a Grapefruit Mimosa? Have you read Gone Girl and if so, did you feel that the first half of the book was inconsistent? Let me know in the comments!